Corporate CPR

Corporate CPR is a vital skill for all to learn.

Corporate CPR: Did you know more and more businesses are requiring that their employees obtain a certification in CPR and corporate CPR training has become the new standard in company culture. CPR training takes time and It’s not that employees don’t see the value in CPR training, it’s just that often they don’t take the time required to do this and as a result when a cardiac arrest occurs at the business no one is trained to respond.

Many companies are seeing the need to have a trained group of first responders employees certified in CPR and First Aid so that when someone collapses with a heart attack at the business, the staff members know how to respond quickly and effectively to help the person until the paramedics arrive.

Companies that take CPR training seriously show their staff and more importantly their customer that safety is a top priority within the organisation and that they have taken all the precautionary steps to ensure that their customer and staff are working and shopping with a company that cares.

Many organisations have discovered that not only CPR and First Aid training is a benefit to their customers and employees, they’ve also discovered that thousands of dollars can possibly be saved with their insurance companies. Many insurers are offering up substantial discounts and credits when companies invest in CPR and AED training. Insurance companies see this and as a decrease in future liability

So many lives can be saved if corporations both small and large invest in their team members and have them certified in CPR and First Aid. Pulse CPR in Augusta, GA offers Corporate CPR training on site and will travel to your business to offer CPR training at your workplace.

Call Pulse CPR at 706-901-7277. Serving Augusta GA with Corporate CPR Training that comes to your business.

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